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Big Button Smart Water Heating Thermostat TH116W
Color:White / Silver

Screen: LCD

Language: English


Sensor:NTC 10K B:3950

Temp Range:5~35℃

Accuracy: ± 1℃

Size:86*86*13 mm

Output: AC100~240V/5A

Power Cons: ≤1.7 KWh/month

APP:Android / iOS
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Big button smart water heating thermostat is suitable for indoor temperature control of household floor water heating systems or heating systems such as boilers. Can be widely used in Asia, Europe and the United States. Perfectly blend your decoration style and support customization.



Big button smart water heating thermostat




1. Won the German Red Dot and iF Design Award

2. Adapt to the new home improvement trend
3. Support multi-voice platform control, Alexa/Google home/homekit/rokid/IFTTT/Mi home/tuya/Tmall Wizard/
4. APP control anytime, anywhere, Remotely control your home comfort from your smartphone using the free mobile cubee smart app for Android and iOS devices.
5. Customized special enhanced protection terminal
6. Save energy costs: Homeowners save up to 23% annually on heating or cooling costs.
7. Convenient installation: just three simple steps


Big button smart water heating thermostat







1. Support WIFI/ZigBee/RF/RS485 wireless communication mode

2. Mobile phone remote control, APP intelligent control, keep indoor comfort

3. Light touch piano key operation to meet your indoor close operation needsLarge button operation, 70% operation area, convenient for people of any age.

4. Multiple working modes to meet the different needs of users;

5. One-key temperature control function, preset modes such as at home/away from home, one key can switch to the corresponding mode, efficient and convenient.

6. The child lock button lock function reduces the interference and misoperation of the heating system

7. Power-down memory function, after a sudden power-off, all settings will remain in the state before the power-off

8. White backlight, automatically extinguished when not in use, saving energy

9. Free time programming, you can choose no programming, 5/2 days, 24 hours and other programming modes, set according to your needs.

10. Stylish appearance design, simple and beautiful operation interface, easy to operate.








Install to a octagon box, power by 100V~240V AC



Power off

Before you install, must cut off the power





Install Steps

Ⅰ Connect each wiring

Ⅱ Connect the steel to the octagon box

Ⅲ Buckle up the power box and panel




Wiring Diagram(water)




1/2: Connect to external sensor

3/4: Connect to boiler pump

   5: Normally closed

   6: Normally opened

   7: L line

   8: N line


Tip:Depends on the type of valve, select to connect normally closed or normally opened, another line connect to N.






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